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Female Transformation
(Woman to Anthro-Cheetah)

Hi! If you're reading this, then you've found my diary, and I need to find a better hiding place.  This journal is about my time with my boyfriend, Amal.  We had been living together happily for 6 months, and even though it was such a short time, we were thinking of getting engaged!  It was a magical time in my life, but sometimes too much magic can be a bad thing...

What I didn't know before moving in was that Amal had a fixation on beautiful women, specifically, photoshopping pictures of them to create anthroes.  He would spend hours at a time, sitting at his computer and creating these amazing catwomen.  He was really talented, but doing this all the time at home meant he didn't have a spare moment for me.  Now, I've been told I was really pretty, but obviously not enough to keep his attention they way those models in his pictures did.  More and more, he would go into his study and shut the door, leaving me all alone with my growing doubt about our relationship.

One night while Amal buried himself in pixels, I phoned my Aunt Jemima, my closest living relative, and also my favorite.  I confided in her about the state of my relationship with Amal, and how I was losing him to these other women, pictures of anthroes they may be.  Her suggestion was to cast a love spell.  That's a Gypsy for you.

At this stage, however, I was desperate.  Deciding to humor my aunt (and myself), I copied down the instructions she gave me and set about making it happen.  No "Eye Of Newt" or "Wing Of Bat", just a small pot on the stove full of boiling water and the listed herbs and vegetables Aunt Jemima had described.  It actually smelled pretty good, like soup.

I lit a candle, turned the lights down, and wished as my aunt had suggested.

"Please, make me the object of my boyfriend's affections!"

I blew out the candle, and waited.   In the dark.   For about five minutes.


I sighed and turned the lights back on.  I didn't really think the spell would work, but it was worth a shot.  Not one to be wasteful, I poured myself a bowl of the soup and sat down to eat it.  It was then that I had the idea.

Quickly, I ran to our bedroom and rifled through my underwear drawer until I found the sexiest piece of lingerie I owned.  Slipping it on, I fixed my hair up, put on just enough makeup to look sexy without over-doing it, and grabbed a dressing-gown as I rushed down the hall to Amal's study.  Stopping just outside the closed door, I put on the gown, fixed my hair again, and knocked.

"Yes?" came the reply from inside.

"It's me, honey." I said, "Can I come in?"

"Of course." he said, so I opened the door.

When he turned around I dropped the gown and offered myself to him, but not just for sex.  Sex would be a temporary solution.  What I offered was to be a source for his photo-manipulations.  His face lit up.

"You would do this thing for me?" he asked in amazement.

"If it means you'll pay more attention to me, then yes!" I replied, his smile causing me to do the same.  What can I say?  I loved this guy.

"Please," he said, obviously excited, "Onto the bed?"

I ran back to our bedroom and jumped onto our sheets, Amal following seconds later with his camera.  I reclined in my sexiest poses, basking in his attention while he snapped away excitedly.  It went on for about 4 minutes before he stopped, cursing the low battery level of his camera.

"Please, wait for me, I am make a present for you!" he said.  He seemed really happy and grateful as he rushed back into his study and left me alone on the bed.

Well, it was a start, and at least now he was looking over pictures of me.  I leaned back, content for the moment, and staring down at my lingerie-clad body, wondered how the picture would turn out.  It was at that moment when I thought I'd lost my mind.

My skin turned yellow.  Bright yellow.  Instantly.  Wide-eyed, I watched as it changed shades again, darkening and lightening until it stopped at a tan-yellow.  I honestly thought I was hallucinating as I sat there, just staring at my skin.

I was definitely in shock, but before I could wrap my brain around what was going on, my feet started to tingle slightly.  I looked down to see my big toes disappear and the others swell as they moved over to compensate for the empty space.  Lifting one foot up onto my knee, I looked at the sole of it.  There were pink pads on the bottom of each toe, and a pad covering the ball of my foot.  As I watched, the pads changed color the same way my skin had moments earlier.  I put my foot back down on the bed, and looked at them from above.  They were paws.  I had yellow skin and paws.  I tried stretching my toes out and my paws responded, flexing with every movement.  I tensed them, and shiny black claws unsheathed themselves from the tip of each one.  Slightly shocked, I relaxed my feet and watched as the claws slid back into my toes.

It was then that my heels tingled more, as it felt like someone was massaging them, thinning them out and smoothing them upwards.  In mere moments they were nothing more than feline ankles, and the tingle spread to my hands.

I stared in awe as my fingernails thinned and darkened, lengthened and curved, becoming shiny black claws before my very eyes.  My fingers, and in fact my hands, were still the same shape, just with the addition of claws which slowly sunk into each fingertip.  Turning my hands over, I discovered the same pads on my fingertips and the ball of my hands as had appeared on my feet.  Staring past my hands in amazement, I noticed myself in the mirror for the first time.

Every part of me was still yellow, even my face.  I crawled along the bed, closer to the mirror, and looked myself in the eyes.  They were changing too.  My irises were flicking between shades of orange and green, as if they couldn't decide.  Suddenly they stopped, acquiring a shiny green hue.  I stared at them and noticed my pupils start to stretch vertically, becoming slitted.

My ears began to tingle, drawing my attention to them as they became pointed and stretched out a bit, forming a triangular shape on the sides of my head.  Instantly, they disappeared and I went deaf. Reappearing a couple of seconds later on the top of my head, my ears flooded me with a wave of noise I hadn't realized I'd been missing for that short period.  I could feel them up there, and as I tried to move them, they twitched this-way and that, flicking my dark hair around and making it fall out of the hairpins I'd placed there.  I was almost hypnotized just watching my ears, that is until I felt the tingle hit my nose, almost causing me to sneeze.

I tore my eyes away and stared at my nose,  watching as the tip and the area around my nostrils turned the same color as my paw-pads and the same shape as an inverted triangle.  Then the tingle migrated inside to my teeth, and I opened my mouth in anticipation of what was about to happen.  I watched as they grew sharp and pointed, the upper and lower canines lengthening slightly.  I now had fangs.  I slowly clenched my teeth and saw how they fit together, interlocking between each other perfectly.  Then the tingle jumped to my backside.

It centered around my tailbone, and as I turned side-on to the mirror to get a better view, I saw a small lump just above the elastic of my panties, stretching out from the top of my butt.  I watched as a smooth, yellow tail twitched and lengthened to about four feet long, whereby it stopped growing and hung down against my thigh.  I realized I could feel my thigh through my tail, and twitched it away, raising it in the air, where it hung comfortably.  I stared at it as it swayed slightly, entranced at the sight of such a projection from my rear.  Then the tingle turned to an itch.

It washed over my entire body, causing me to tense up.  My claws extended and dug into the bed, my back arched to the ceiling, my tail straightened out and my ears turned backwards and flattened themselves against my head as I rode out the sensation.  I didn't realize my flexibility had increased, but that didn't stop me from turning sideways and raising a foot up to my neck, where my partially-extended toe claws scratched at the short layer of fur which had sprouted there, and indeed everywhere all over my new form.  Suddenly, the itching stopped, and I brought my foot back down.  I realized I was in a half-crouching position, and decided to sit down and inch myself over to the edge of the bed.  Sitting there, I stared into the mirror at my new form, marveling at the change in my reflection.  Inspecting myself, I took stock of what had happened.  My dark hair had fallen down around my face, which was now covered in a short layer of tan-yellow fur.  I made to sweep it behind my ear, but then realized that my ears weren't there to hold my hair back anymore.  My thin, dark eyebrows now sat atop eyes which weren't familiar to me, and as I looked into them, I could see tears welling up.  Before they released their emotion, a small black mark appeared at the inside corner of each eye.  Each mark traced its way down the side of my nose and stopped at the corners of my mouth.  My tears followed the tracks left by those markings, and I watched as black spots patterned across my fur, and black rings encircled my tail.  Cheetah markings.

Damn love spell.

I wiped my eyes on the backs of my hands, matting the fur with moisture.  I made to stand up, lost my balance without human heels, and fell back onto my ass on the bed, painfully squashing my tail.

Shifting my weight off my new appendage, I tried again to stand up, this time balancing on the balls of my feet... the pads of my paws.  This time I was successful.

Carefully, I began to walk towards Amal's study on my tip-toes, my tail swaying out behind me to help me balance.  It was just like walking in stilettos, except without the shoes.  I reached the door just as Amal was printing something out.

"Honey, turn around." I said.

"Good timing you have," he started as he turned his chair, "I am just finish..."

He stopped mid-sentence when he saw me, his mouth agape and his eyes wide.

"Amal, Honey, I think I know how your picture turned out."
This is for the wonderful :iconagamate:, who agreed to let me use his picture as an avatar in return for a tf story. I hope you like it, Amal! ^_^
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soonerj Featured By Owner May 14, 2015
Great Story! Loved the detail you went into.
Baseball17 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
Really like it. Wish it would happen to me :)
Although, I was wondering... Wouldn't a transformation like you described be painful?
Not that I would want it to be for me.
Deych-d Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009
Interesting story, though it's obvious from it you don't know exactly what a cheetah looks like (unless the anatomical errors are intentional).
AnnieVega Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009
Thanks, but the features I described were intentionally done that way. Besides, it's just a story, it's not National Geographic. :P

Also, thanks so much for the favourite!
agamate Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009
ery nice and good story you are make here i am please with thank you! :)
AnnieVega Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
I'm so glad you like it! ^_^
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